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Posted By Admin on 02/28/23 - Bookmark Hot Haley

I love when a babe is so tiny that you can pick her up and walk around the house while fucking her. I dated a chick like this one time. I would bang her everywhere in my house because she was light as a feather and a total nymphomaniac. Now I’m with a chick who freaks out any time I try to pick her up. But those tiny girls know that they have nothing to be afraid of, they feel so safe in your strong arms. Which is another bonus. They think you are so buff and big even if you’re average size. And your cock looks huge in their small hands.

Needless to say, a site that highlights petite little sluts is going to be one that I’m all over. Exxxtra Small is that site. Here the babes are extra tiny, but they have massive sex drives and they love to fucked deep and hard by cocks that look like they will split them in two.

This site is impressive all on its own, but it also opens up the entire Team Skeet network to subscribers at no extra charge. And considering you can now use this 74% off discount to Exxxtra Small, this is way too good to pass up.

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Posted By Admin on 02/01/23 - Bookmark Hot Haley

Have you ever had a sexual experience that was so hot and so different that you just can’t get it out of your head? I know I do. I was dating this chick when we were fresh out of high school. I wasn’t super experienced sexually but I had the basics down pat and could get the job done. She, however, had been around quite a bit and always seemed to have new naughty tricks up her sleeve that she would unleash on me without notice. So when she rented out this seedy little cabin for the night, I knew she had something in store for me.

After ordering me to strip down, she pulled all of the blankets and sheets off of the bed and I saw there was a plastic cover on the mattress. She pulled out a bottle of baby oil and began to pour it all over the mattress and herself. Her skin was glistening and slick and watching the oil run down her tits and over her tummy was almost as hot as seeing it coat her cunt and ass crack.

The things we did that night were so hot and sensual and also exciting. It was like her tight young body became a sexual slip and slide. I only felt bad for the housekeeping crew that had to clean it up the next day.

When I found I could use this up to 67% off discount to it really took me back. These beautiful babes in stunning HD videos are acting out my favorite fantasy and doing it better than even we could!

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