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Posted By admin on 08/09/12 - Bookmark Hot Haley

What I like most about Hot Haley is how cute she is without being too cute that you wouldn’t feel comfortable approaching her in a club. In real life she is very affectionate and fun to be around. Her eyes are so fucking cute and sparkly you have a hard time taking your own eyes off of them!

I was in the members area at and saw this video. It totally brought me back to some good times. A friend of mine back in high school used to live in one of those private communities with the guards and all. Everybody there had their own hot tub and the walls around each townhome’s backyard was super high. Rich people love their privacy.

One day while I was over at his house I met his neighbor. Total cutie with big blue eyes. She was home schooled. Too bad… Guys at our school would have given their left arm just to talk to this chick!

She and I got pretty chummy and she asked me for my number. This was before cell phones, but I did have a pager and gave her that number. A few days later she beeped me and I called her back. She wanted me to come over and said I should bring some swim trunks.

Like a bat our of hell I was over at her house in minutes. I noticed her mom and dad’s cars were gone. Sweet! She met me at the door wearing a bright yellow bikini. It was tiny! I mentioned how small and sexy it looked on her and she said she had gotten it while her family vacationed in France. Over there women don’t wear much clothing at the beach and most go topless. Whatever!

We went into her backyard and she had a huge hot tub that took up almost her entire plot of land back there. She got in first and I watched her sexy ass go up the stairs before disappearing under the bubbly water.

Once in we splashed each other here and there before making some small talk about not seeing her at school. What our fathers did for a living, etc. Then she asked if I wanted to play truth or dare.

I was game and she told me I could go first. So I asked her which one she wanted and she said truth. I asked her if it were true that she was interested in more than just a casual friendship with me. She said true! Nice!

It was my turn and I went with dare. She dared me to take off my trunks and throw them over the side of the hot tub. Damn. This girl didn’t mess around!

After doing what I was asked it was her turn and she went with a dare also. I dared her to take off her top and throw it overboard too. She did and she didn’t seem to give two shits about nudity because she didn’t even try to hide her perky boobs under water like most girls playing this game do.

My turn again and I went with truth. She wanted to know if I had ever thought about her before going to bed. She asked that question with a wry smile. My heart just about beat out of my chest! What was I supposed to do? If I said yes would be tell me how gross I was? If I said no would I be passing up on a nice opportunity to share something so secret with the girl I had a crush on? Did she think of me too?

I blurted out, "Sure," but she wasn’t having any of that. She asked me to clarify what I was sure about. Jesus. This girl was rough! "Sure, I think about you most nights before I go to bed."

Her turn. It was a dare. I dared her to loose her bottoms too. She did and it was my turn. I went with dare. She dared me to show her how I "think" about her every night. My face went red.

She let me off the hook… sort of. My Hot Haley friend suggested we both show each other at the same time. I barely got the O in OK out before she popped out of the water and sat on the side of the tub showing me her shaved pussy.

Back then girls didn’t shave their pussy because it was thought that only lesbians did. Some shaved a landing strip at most. This girl was completely bald!

"Do you like it?" She asked.

"Sure!" I exclaimed.

Then I hopped out of the water too and watched her massage her pussy lips while I tugged on my cock. She spread her lips open for me and showed me where my cock would eventually go. Her pussy was wet. I could tell it was oil from inside and not water by the way it glistened.

My new friend slowly worked her finger inside her pussy. She worked it in and out of herself before bringing her finger tip up to her clit. Just then some precum worked its way out of my cock and together we both increased our speed. After about twenty seconds or so she asked me if I wanted to race. In my head I was thinking, "Not really, I want this to last forever!" But I blurted out another, "Sure," and we both were off to the races.

Hot Haley finished before I did. What can I say, I was a bit nervous. Her orgasm hit her in ways. At one point she almost doubled over and lost her balance on the edge of the tub. When she came to she giggled a little and then she jumped in the water moving towards me.

"Come on, big boy, I want to see your cock spurt cum." Haley commanded with a naughty voice. "Don’t you want to come for me?" She said coyly. Just then I felt it about ready to blow. She could tell I was seconds away and opened her mouth wide in front of my cock.

Did she want me to shoot my sperm into her mouth?

Too late to ponder that one. My jizz shot out in thick spurts. I watched as they disappeared behind her teeth and lips. As more and more cum fired into her waiting mouth it began to build up on her tongue. Eventually it stopped spurting and started dribbling out. Haley moved in and sucked on the head while flicking her tongue. It tickled like crazy, but I think that was her point. She was a devious little slut!

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